Norway: How do I add my bank?

Common issues

Here are the most common issues when adding your bank:

  1. No support for mobile BankId
    Currently, we don't support Mobile BankId login for every bank - we're working on that.
    If you write to our support we can let you know when it's supported for your bank.
  2. "The field has an invalid value" error when entering your phone number
    You have to enter the country code "+47" in front of your number, and you cannot enter any spaces.
  3. Wrong username/pin code
    Ensure you have activated mobile banking in your bank. If you can use the bank's own mobile app, you should have it enabled already.
  4. Sparebanken Vest: How to find the activation code
    For Sparebanken Vest you need to enter an activation code. This is the same code needed for the banks own mobile app. You can create/see the code in your netbank under «Innstillinger» and «Mobilbank».
  5. Other issues 
    If you experience other issues when adding your bank, please contact our support, and we'll help you 😊

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